Hi I'm Carla
I was diagnosed with Manic Depression (now called Bipolar Disorder) in
1986 when I was 16yrs old. It was a long hard struggle for me to find
stability in my life and this is what urges me on to continue my fight for
less stigma and more support and education.

I created Pamper Yourself For Mental Health with the intention of creating
awareness and fighting some stigma.
When I realized I could do that as well as raise funds and create earning
opportunities for other women with bipolar disorder, I was even more
inspired to pursue this venture.

This project is a big part of my life.
From the designing and updating of the website to social media marketing,
bookkeeping and package assembly, it sure keeps me busy.

I produce the Chamomile Tea found in the packages and purchase the rest
of the products from women with bipolar disorder.
I then assemble the packages and sell them through a number of venues.

I donate the profits from the finished product to various supports for
people living with Mental Illness.
Donations made to date:
Miles For Mental Health Neepawa 2017 - $50
Online support Group - $130
Computer For a woman with bipolar disorder - $120
Miles for Mental Health Neepawa 2018 - $30